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 In my garden


Michelene Dianne Benson (B.Soc.Sci, UCT)

Soul Journey Guide | Learning and Development Specialist | Change Manager |

  Favourite quote:

 When she transformed into a butterfly,

 The caterpillars spoke not of her beauty but of her wierdness.

 They wanted her to change back into what she always had been.

   But ... she had wings!

~ Dean Jackson

A little about me - very little ...

In this instagram and twitter generation we only get a few charcters to describe ourselves.  This is my few characters ....

Pisces | Jung@ heart| mother | storyteller | creatrix | alchemist | feminist | Magus | ENFJ | 

ENFJ is my personality type on the Myers-Briggs (Jungian) personality type indicator. Merlin, Professor Dumbledore and The Lion King's dad, Mufasa are all ENFJ's.  We are believers in people and guides for helping others be the greatest version of themselves.  We are the ones who guide King Arthur, Harry Potter and Simba to all they can be.

My Rennaisance Personality means that I try very many things, learn quickly and then my creative spirit takes me on a magic carpet ride to the next thing.  If I told you what I have done - it might confuse you so let's just leave it there.  What matters is that I bring all these many gifts and expertise together to serve you in a wonder-filled unique way.

What I mostly do

How do find a rainbow's end?  How do you catch a falling star? To explain what I do would be a little bit like answering those questions.  Business people say that if you can't explain exactly what you do you will never get a client.  That may be true in the world of economics.  In the world of imagination, soul, spirituality, alchemy and transformation we operate with different values and we are directed by different goals.  We are wiered like that.  In the mission section I speak a little about magicians and soul journeys.

Assisting people to navigate through the turning points life brings and acquire their own personal mastery is a great passion.  In order to serve as a guide, I offer:

  • Counselling sessions which are private, one-on-one sessions to explore the path of a particular individual.  These sessions are aimed at uncovering some of the challenges you experience, discovering the root cause and determining the growth and transformation required to move forward.  In these sessions I help you to navigate the turning points that require sound decisions and informed responses.
  • Soul journeys are provided to take a deeper look at the tools and techniques used in the counselling sessions, healing circles and matters I refer to in blog posts and other writings.  These particular workshops are listed on the soul journeys page.  Each module also has a little invitation for you to peep through a window of the workshop.  I encourage you to try the exercises on the special offerings pages. 
  • Healing circles are group sessions in which a groups meet to learn tools and techniques that are helpful in the journey to wholeness.  These circles run according to the seasons and we have winter, spring, summer and autumn circles.  I include an arts based approach to these sessions and we experiment with watercolour, clay and form drawing etc to enter the treasure chests of the imagination.  Read more about what healing circles here.

I also do some training and development work

A snapshot of my working experiences as well as references can be viewed on my Linked-in profile.

I specialise in training & development, conflict resolution, communication and change management.  My career started at the Centre for Conflict Resolution, University of Cape Town which is world renowned for its contribution to constructive conflict resolution in South and Southern Africa. Over the past two decades of South Africa’s transition I have gained a wealth of experience in conflict resolution, trauma support, change management, process oriented facilitation, emotional intelligence as well as organisational transformation and development in general.  Twenty five years of experience in these diverse disciplines are invested in the service I provide to you.

I worked extensively with the Western Cape Education Department and the Department of Correctional Services.  In addition to the above, I served as a facilitator and coach at the South African College of Applied Psychology and Cornerstone Higher Learning Institute. In recent years my work experiences have evolved to focus on Change Management using the Prosci methodology in the corporate sector. I have gained much experience in the Prosci ADKAR approach.  The depth of experience in self and relationship management through coaching, counselling and conflict resolution background enables me to bring significant insight to the leadership development process.  I pride myself on my personal capacity to embrace change and continuous learning and I regard this to be the primary success factor of an inspirational coach.

As a Skills Development Facilitator, I have assisted organisations to design and implement the best training solution by identifying the skills gaps and suggesting appropriate training and development interventions.  I have taught accredited and non-accredited courses for various organisations including academic institutions.  

As an accredited facilitator, assessor, moderator and OBE materials developer, Constituent Assessor for the National Diploma and National Certificate in Change Management and Organisational Transformation as well as other ETDP unit standards, I am well-versed in complimentary disciplines and have extensive expertise in the learning and development industry.