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My mission is

to honour my soul purpose as a Magus/Magician which is

to serve YOU as a guide on the many paths of your soul journey ....

about magicians and soul journeys

A MAGICIAN - Did she really just say that?  Yep I did!  A magician or a magus is a guide and one who can interpret signs and messages.  That's exactly what I do and what I help others to do for themselves - to interpret the signs and the many messages we receive as we travel through our lives. I don't need tea leaves or cards to do this.  It is just the way my soul is wired - to see the messages that remain hidden and inaccessible to most people.  I spent many years studying and practicing different forms of counselling and I use all of it at some or other point.  However, the stuff my soul is made made is a special gift - it is my magic and that's what I am offering you. 

I am not referring to entertainment when I speak about magic.  When rabbits pop up out of top hats and coins appear from behind your ear is very entertaining.  However, this is trickery and illusion.  Real magic is when we find the miraculous in the ordinary, when we see the beauty in the caterpillar and the butterfly.  Have a look at the blog post Everyday Magic for Everyday Folks to understand what I mean by magic. 

Soul journeys are the essence of life.  It is why we are here - our soul is on a journey to become the grandest version of itself.  Sadly, we spend much time on grooming our bodies, finding jobs, saving for retirement and we miss the soul aspects of life. Busy lives with lots of focus on the material world draw us away from the soul's calling.  Many people pass through life without any awareness of their soul path and journey.  A deeper connection with the soul enriches our life experience and brings into being a real kind of magic.  An awarness of your soul path and soul journeys allows you to heal, grow, attain personal mastery, overcome challenges, restore balance and get back on track with your goals or life purpose.  Times of change and crisis are great opportunities to connect with the soul and turn up the magic. 

Many soul journeys and connecting deeply with my path has brought me to a place of truly knowing my soul purpose.  This knowing as well as my education, training and many years of experience in diverse but related disciplines have made of me the magician that I am. 

If you wish to navigate your soul journeys wisely and effectively

consider having me as a guide ...