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Growth and Healing Circles

Journey Guide and Guest Speaker

Healing circles are back at last!  Our hunger for meaningful engagements has grown and we are rekindling the flames of these circle times as in the days of old.  In our tween and teen years, chick flicks and slumber parties provide us with a sense of connection we hold very dear.  Sadly, as we enter adult life with all its demands we tend to lose touch with others and ourselves.  At some point the desire for sincere, nurturing and enriching connection with ourselves and others begins to beat within a cavity that developed over time. 

Healing circles provide a container for us to rekindle these meaningful connections.  They are much more than an adult version of our teen pajama parties.  They are essential to our well-being and growth as individuals. They restore us to community which we have lost in these busy times.  They provide us with the support to explore things we would otherwise not.  They provide us with a space to reflect on our individual journeys, take stock and make the changes we need to manifest our desires.  They provide the support we need to overcome the challenges of living in a patriarchal society.  They create a community to practice an ancient ritual of story-telling.  The loss of these rituals have resulted in the astronomical levels of depression, self-medicating, abuse, suicide and other self destructive patterns of behaviour.

Healing circles are inclusive as it is not religious or politically aligned.  They are carefully managed by a journey guide who is part of the existing group or a trained person like myself.  Topics range from simple things like relaxation techniques and meditation practice to managing your inner world. For those who are happy to go deeper, we look at cyclic nature of women and venture into some of the roads less traveled. Whether you want a light n lively or prefer a more meaningful exploration is entirely up to you.  As a journey guide, I will advise you on the topic and level of depth for your group.


Some of the conversations in a healing circle could include:

  • Story circles (based on any theme chosen where I facilitate a discussion through the use of stories including stories from the participants) Have a look at blog post on storytelling.
  • Embracing our different and often conflicting inner energies (the talk is based on the Goddess Growth Path offering)
  • Practical tools for relaxation (the talk is based on the Come Away With Me offering)
  • Learning to celebrate the present (the talk is based on the The Inn Between offering)
  • The Power of our Moon Cycle (understanding the cyclic nature of women and embracing the secrets behind the menstrual cycle).  Have a look at my Red Tent Website for more information.
  • Befriending Sorrow (a closer look at grief, pain and sadness and learning to work with its energy) 
  • The Shame in the Shadow (a compassionate look at what lies in the banished places of our own lives and the lives of our friends and family)
  • ...
  • ...

The list of topics is endless and very dynamic ....

Please email me should you need a Journey Guide to plan a Growth and Healing Circle