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Flourish and Filigree Portals

Flourish work is a decorative art form to embellish furniture, paper, walls or paper.  These are wavy lines adorned with ornamental designs.  Filigree refers to the fine wire work used by jewelers or  thread work used in the ancient art of lace making.   In this module of the Come Away with Me soul journey we use these art forms to enter a place of deep inner stillness as we weave the designs around an intention portal.  Physically the intention portal is a circle on dark card stock.  Metaphysically the portal is an intention we hold during the creative process.  You will learn how to weave flourish and filigree work into a decorative design which will hold deep personal meaning for you. We will explore shapes that occur in nature to inspire your design work.  Lines, circles and dots are all we use to create the designs which enable us to easily participate in a magical soul journey.

The conversation and storytelling that emerges during the process is carefully facilitated to enable the participants to benefit from what is revealed.  This is the ultimate intention behind all the processes in Come Away with Me and other Soul Journeys.