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Mandala Magick with Miche

Mandalas are circular designs which signify eternity and oneness of all things.  As such they are ideal for meditation and relaxation.  The repetitive patterns of mandalas enable us to quietly and peacefully enter the stillness of the inner world as we focus on the simple patterns which make up the mandala.  Recently, adult colouring books featuring mandalas have become a huge hit.  These are great and very addictive as we know; they provide a great sense of joy and relaxation.  Creating your own mandala has a deeper and richer meaning and can therefor assist one to access areas of the psyche that require focused and intentional introspection. The title, Mandala Magick is precisely because of the experiences that previous participants have experienced through this process.  The seemingly simple task of working round and round the mandala reveals inner truths in ways not easy to describe.
During this journey, I will take you through the basics of constructing a mandala, the use of simple repetitive patterns and fillers and how to work with a mandala for a specific reflection.   The conversation and storytelling that emerges during the process is carefully facilitated to enable the participants to benefit from what is revealed.  This is the ultimate intention behind all the processes in Come Away with Me and other Soul Journeys.

August 2017 Sacred Circle

This beautiful session of Mandala Magick with Miche continues to produce results that not even I expected.  All the members of the group attended for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Infused with the right intention and accompanied by an expereinced soul journey guide, this technique produces beautiful creations literally and figuratively.  The technique forms part of the Come Away with Me Soul Journey but can be offered seperately.

Mandala Magick with Miche