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Goddess Growth Path

a four week process to engage your personal goddess energies

The goddess energies have been with us since the beginning of time.  Long before we had an alphabet many stories and poems and hymns were created to help us understand these powerful energies that operate in the human psyche.  When we know and understand them they are incredible allies, when we don't understand them, they can wreak havoc in our lives and we are subject to their mercy. 

Using mythology as a form of allegory, this four session module enables you to meet the most common goddess energies.  Storytelling narratives introduce the goddesses, their characters, their missions and their powers to the group.   Jean Bolen and James Hillman have done brilliant work on this and really provided us with practical wisdom in this area.  Applied Jungian practices enable participants to engage with the goddess archetypes, explore the unconscious, identify their dominant and less developed goddess energies.  This engagement presents the opportunity for participants to integrate the less developed energies so that they experience a more balanced sense of self.

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Your goddesses know you well.  Take a moment to connect with them.

The image below is a visual you can use or you can simply close your eyes and be present with the ancient ones.

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