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The Inn Between

a four session module focussed on that odd space called between

I can't help smiling as I begin to write this!  I love all the special offerings, but this one really moves something sardonic within me.  I even called my blog Times Between with Michelene.  The times and the worlds between have always fascinated me.  So it would make sense that I create a little sanctuary in the time space reality dedicated to just that - the times between.

Those times between one season and another, the time between knowing and not knowing, the time between joy and sorrow, the time between fulfillment and frustration, the time between sickness and health.  The time between relationships, marriages, careers and all the events we deem to be significant is an interesting part of the journey.  Most of us miss it!  Yearning for or recovering from what is behind us and rushing toward or desperately afraid of what is ahead, we miss out on the journey's gift.

You are welcome at this special sanctuary - The Inn Between. The Inn where we tell the stories of our betweens and learn to be present and mindful during the journey. At the Inn we take roll call regularly to establish our presence ....

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 An invitation:

 Imagine a place called The Inn Between which is somewhere between where you were and where you are headed.  

At The Inn Between, you find yourself unable to recall where you have come from.  You can't seem to recall where you were headed either. 

It's as though you have entered a portal where past and future seem to have no power or consequence.

Now cross the bridge taking few deep breaths as you enter the portal

Open the audio and come back to the image or close your eyes and create your own

Sit for a while and just BE at The Inn Between .....





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