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Storytelling Soul Journey

a four week module of finding yourself in fairy tales


Are you old enough for fairy tales? 
The fantasy and magick we experienced as children held much more power than entertainment and bedtime rituals.  They awakened the giants in us and taught us how spells were broken.  They helped us to travel to the islands within ourselves and they helped us connect with our own sense of vulnerability and abandonment in which we rely on breadcrumbs to lead us back home.

This four session module takes you on a delightful and magical soul journey using the ancient art of storytelling. The process is experiential and participants fully engage with this powerful practice to learn more about themselves and others. The programme is intended to enable self discovery and encourage awareness of underlying aspects of the soul.  Applied Jungian practices enable participants to engage with archetypes, explore the unconscious and most importantly D R E A M .....
Unlike other storytelling initiatives, this programme is less focused on teaching you to be a storyteller and aims instead to use power of specially written fairy tales for self discovery. It is less about performing and entertaining and more about uncovering aspects of the psyche through the enchantment of stories.

Visit the More About Storytelling page to get a sense of what this journey is about and read reviews.


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