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Welcome Aboard  


The Online Journal Therapy programme is an expressive writing opportunity.  Expressive writing is different to journal writing or making entries in a diary.  Dr James Pennebaker explains, it is an opportunity to reflect on life experiences.  He refers to it as, "a life course correction". This is why we regard the events of the programme as inner journeys.  As we embark on these journeys, we consider the life course we are on and use our inner navigational tools to make the changes or corrections we consider necessary.  

Expressive writing is very specific in that it uses a particular methodology.  This methodology is scientifically proven to benefit our mental and emotional health.  Three decades of research are invested in this knowledge.  Although the methodology is specific, it is also very simple.  That said, the human condition has its own way of functioning.  Left to our own devices, we are unlikely to act on our great intentions.  I realised this in my counselling practice and knew I needed to design processes to help clients overcome the challenges experienced with expressive writing.

In the programme, we use the specific and simple processes of expressive writing and combine it with the support of a skilled facilitator and an enabling community.  Throughout the 7 and 11 day journeys, I provide insights and transformation coaching while you engage with the process.  Some journeys focus on journal therapy techniques and some on content-specific topics but all the processes use the expressive writing technique.

 Join the programme to develop your life course navigational tools 


The Online Journal Therapy Programme began during the covid-19 pandemic.  A few weeks into the isolating time of lockdown, three friends joined me for a week of journal therapy.  We connected on our phones and I sent a daily prompt.  We ended the week with a group call and shared our experiences.  The group decided to do another round and finally, we all agreed, there was value in an ongoing programme.

When I started the programme, most people in South Africa were operating within the "no-work, no-pay" reality.  Creating a cost-effective, data-friendly, online programme was essential (excuse the pun).  The challenges caused by the pandemic demanded everyone to dig deep and find creative ways to support their communities.  During this time, I was in the early stages of recovering from a hysterectomy and my options were very limited.  Encouraged by my friends who participated in the informal exercise, I decided to offer the journal therapy process to others.  

Seven people signed up for the first Introduction to Journal Therapy event on the 11 May 2020 and their feedback confirmed what our informal group felt about the programme.  Since then, I have run several processes and added to the content of the programme.  They have become known as journeys and I now Captain these voyages into the inner world.


The Online Journal Therapy Programme has come a long way since the informal sessions I facilitated with friends.  We have a number of journeys in the programme and many participants have shared their stories and experiences.  The Facebook group became populated quickly, creating a need for a website to house all the information about the programme.

The programme currently offers the following events:

  • Free Online Sessions in which I discuss the programme and answer questions 
  • Flagship journey - Introduction to Journal Writing 
  • Level One journeys for which the Introduction is a prerequisite
  • Level Two journeys for which the Introduction and another level one journey are prerequisites

HOW IT WORKS  audio 

The Online Journal Therapy Programme is designed to support your journey of self discovery and personal growth.  We explore journal therapy techniques and work with topics using the expressive writing process.

After you book for the Introduction Journey we proceed as follows:

  1. You will receive an invitation on Google Hangouts.
  2. I will send a link to the 30-min orientation audio which you will listen to in your own time (normally sent two days before the journey starts).
  3. You will be added to the event group on the date of your event by 9 am.
  4. I will send a link to the instruction audio which explains everything you need to know about the Introduction Journey.  
  5. The first day is only for introductions, technical support and logistics.
  6. The journeys are 7 or 11 days and you work in your own time every day. 
  7. Both require only 4 days of writing for 15-30 minutes per day - no more than two hours in an entire journey.
  8. In the 11 day journeys, we have reflection days which enable you to spend time reflecting on the prompt.
  9. Throughout the process, you receive coaching and support in the Google Hangouts group.
  10. We end each process with an audio/video call (depending on group) to debrief and receive teaching.

Other journeys follow the same process with minor changes.

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