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11 May 2020

We have just returned from the character sketching cycle of the Online Journal Therapy Programme. The participants completed the 11 day cycle with an inspiring group debrief on Saturday 9 May 2020. The cycle includes a reflection day for each of the 4 writing prompts.

Everyone enjoyed the creativity of this cycle and welcomed the power of their imagination to enrich the journaling experience. We were able to work through many journaling blocks and challenges during the process. The opportunity to experiment with this technique, using the expressive writing process, provided the participants with new tools for their journaling practice.

Character sketching enabled the participants to reflect deeply and meaningfully on the way in which they connect with themselves and respond to the world around them. They were able to restore connection with parts of themselves they were alienated from.

Well done and a big thank you to all the participants of this journey!


12 May 2020
We have set sail in the 11520 Introduction to Journal Writing cycle. It is the first day of writing and our "morning journallers" have completed their first entry. Already some insights and revelations have emerged. These insights will inform the debrief session before we return from our trip.
16 May 2020
The writers of the 11520 Introduction to Journal Writing cycle have completed their journal entries. Today we are spending our last day on the open waters reflecting on the experience. Tomorrow we will have our information sharing and debriefing session as we head back to shore. Beautiful insights, growth and lessons shared in the group so far.
18 May 2020
We have returned from the 11520 Introduction to Journal Writing journey. The debriefing session was very inspiring. It was wonderful to see how the participants could relate to the research findings conducted in other expressive writing groups. They compared the technique used in the introduction cycle to their usual practice and noticed how it impacted them differently. There were many revelations about self, writing practice and other personal experiences throughout our journey and during the debrief session. Even though this was only an introduction cycle, the possibilities for transformation through expressive writing are already showing up. I enjoyed listening to them share about the highs and lows of the seven-day process. Many of the participants found treasures they did not expect to find on our journey and it was heartwarming to see how tenderly they presented these to the group. We had an inter-generational group which contributed to the rich discussion and allowed us to listen to a range of experiences, needs and ideas. The Online Journal Therapy Programme has 6 new travellers ready to embark on the upcoming journeys. It is exciting to see the community of expressive writers grow.  Well done to the participants of 11520 Introduction to Journal Writing!
26 May 2020
We set sail on the journey yesterday, despite the storm. Every journey is unique. This morning - our first morning on the open seas, we hit the deep water immediately. I felt tingles as I read a passenger's log of the first day of writing. It reminded me of why I do this work. There are a great many treasures to be found in these depths. Making sure that passengers are safe and guided during their brave journeys inward is a great honour.  Those who have been on this journey know how beautifully the process unfolds.  Wishing the participants of 22520 Introduction to Journal Writing a wonderful time of self-discovery.
31 May 2020

The 25520 Introduction to Journal Writing journey ended today. The debrief session became a part video call and it was absolutely delightful to see the expressions of "wow" and "aha!" Making connections and sudden realisations of things once forgotten or ignored gave participants insight into the power of expressive writing and the particular technique used in the introduction cycle.

We had some turbulent waters but trusting the process presented the participants with beautiful treasures from this inner journey. Thankful to have had the trust of these sailors!  Well done to the participants of 22520 Introduction to Journal Writing!

1 June 2020

The sailors are boarding the vessel for the maiden voyage of New Cheese. I am very excited to be on this adventure which has lots of symbolic significance for me. There are beautiful guides and guardians from the otherworld accompanying us on this journey. I have already seen the post voyage mood so I am savouring every moment.

Joining us on this adventure are those from the maiden Introduction to Journal Writing journey as well as the 11520 and 25520 Introduction journeys. I am delighted to have those from the maiden Character Sketching journey with us as well. Together they are a wonderful group of intentional travellers who have embraced the Online Journal Therapy Programme.

As we enter level three of the lockdown in South Africa, we are going to encounter change even more rapidly than before. The world we are re-entering is very different to the one that shut down in March 2020. Our voyage into the inner world is very timeous. I never planned for it to coincide with level three but synchronicity has clearly had a hand in it.

May the force be with all of us as we head out to the open waters! Best wishes for an amazing journey of self discovery and integration to everyone aboard.

Bon voyage, anchors away!

Captain M


12 June 2020

We returned from the maiden voyage of **Finding New Cheese** late last night to very cold and stormy shores. I think I speak on behalf of all the sailors when I say this was truly a significant journey of self-discovery. While nearly all the participants read Dr Spencer Johnson's book before, this was the first time they used it in a structured journal therapy process. The metaphors gained new and ever deepening meaning as we progressed through the eleven day experience.
The group discussions endowed the process with rich ideas, perspectives and insights making for inspired journalling practice. While we did not share from our journals and only commented on how we experienced the process, the group agreed that having a supportive and safe space to share contributed significantly to the power of the process.
We journeyed over calm reflective waters, made our way through troubled waters and ventured into calmer but deeper waters. There were a range of emotions throughout the process and it was inspiring to see the participants sit with all of them comfortably during their reflection and writing. In the debrief session we shared our journey stories and presented our new cheese with much excitement, some fear and lots of imagination.
I am sincerely honoured to have had the opportunity to Captain the maiden voyage of Finding New Cheese and deeply grateful to the participants who braved the uncharted waters.
One of the participants described the journey as magical! This is the highest affirmation you could possible give a magi who guides others to the medial world. 


28 June 2020

We have just returned to shore after our online debrief session. For some of our sailors journal therapy was a brand new experience. Our experienced journal writers enjoyed the structure and focus that the introduction journey provided them. Participants shared their experiences and emotions throughout the 7-day journey. These sessions are always wonderful opportunities for growth and learning as we listen the different encounters of the journey. I am looking forward to seeing these sailors in some of the upcoming journeys.

HOW IT WORKS  audio 

The Online Journal Therapy Programme is designed to support your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.  We explore journal therapy techniques and work with topics using the expressive writing process.

After you book and make payment on Yoco we proceed as follows:

  1. You will receive a personal invitation on Google Chat.  (you require a Gmail account to access the programme)
  2. I will send a link to the 30-minute journal therapy orientation audio which you will listen to in your own time (normally sent two days before the journey starts).
  3. You will then be added to the Google Chat Group on the date of your event by 9 am.
  4. I will send a link to the instruction audio which explains everything you need to know about the Introduction Journey (or relevant follow-up journey).
  5. The first day is only for introductions, technical support and logistics.
  6. The journeys are 7 or 11 days and you work in your own time each day. 
  7. Both require only 4 days of writing for 15-30 minutes per day - no more than two hours in an entire journey.
  8. In the 11-day journeys, we have reflection days which provide more time to reflect on the prompt.
  9. You receive coaching and support throughout the process in the Google Chat group.
  10. We end each process with a Google Meet audio/video call (depending on the group's needs) to debrief and receive input and guidance.

Other journeys follow the same process with minor changes.


The Online Journal Therapy programme is not a substitute for medical treatment.  Where serious mental and emotional challenges exist, professional medical assistance is required.  Participants may be encouraged to seek medical assistance if the need becomes apparent during their participation.  Participants are not obligated to share medical conditions but may advise the facilitator privately to raise awareness and sensitivity.